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attention on the coverage requirements of obama care, pardon me, that insurance companies point to when asked why they dropped these plans. now, we're also learning of some early warnings from one of the authors of the affordable care act that it wasn't ready for prime time. in a memo from may of 2010, david cutler who was senior health care adviser to the president's campaign and will actually work to sell the plan to congress said, quote, i do not believe the relevant members of the administration understand the president's vision or have the capacity, capability to carry it out. cutler also said you need a major change at hhs. he warned of the centers of medicare and medicaid services which is the agency implementing the affordable care act. the agency is demoralized. the best people have left, i.t. services are antiquated and there are fewer employees in 1981 despite a much larger burden. cutler said the center for medicare and medicaid services was not up from making a transition from a fee for services payment to a value-based payment which is necessary to make obama care work. gr
ahead, why one obama care supporters says canceling your insurance policy is really a good thing. >>> first, mending fences among friends in a very unfriendly part of the world. have hail damage to both their cars. ted ted is trying to get a hold of his insurance agent. maxwell is not. he's on setting up an appointment with an adjuster. ted is now on hold with his insurance company. maxwell is not and just confirmed a 5:30 time for tuesday. ted, is still waiting. yes! maxwell is out and about... with ted's now ex-girlfriend. wheeeee! whoo! later ted! online claims appointments. just a cli >>> the country's top diplomat is on a foreign policy triage mission. secretary of state john kerry is busy mending fences with middle eastern allies unhappy with what president obama is doing and not doing. chief washington correspondent james rosen takes a look. >> reporter: it was the largest anti-american demonstration in iran in years. and it occurred 34 years to the day after iranian militants at the same location seized the u.s. embassy in tehran and took scores of americans hos
remains under fire because of president obama's promise that if americans liked their health insurance plan, they could keep it. but according to the associated press, at least 3.5 million americans have already been issued cancellation notices from their health insurance provid s providers. that number is likely to go up as data from half the states still remains unavailable. and there is a report white house officials debated the health care pledge back in 2009 in the likelihood that every american would in fact be able to keep their coverage. yesterday former white house adviser david axelrod defendeded the president on "meet the press". >> why did not you or somebody else say to him, mr. president, don't say no matter what you're going to keep your health care plan? was that bad practice? >> hindsight is 20/20. >> that's why you're there. >> the vast majority of americans, that statement will hold true for. for this small group, it hasn't. but the calamitous thing is that the website wasn't up because many of those people who have to transition will get better insurance for less m
they will claim that obama care will surface. republicans need to focus on the people losing insurance. the website will improve over time. >> listen to senator feinstein. listen to what she recommends. >> they ought on takedown the website until it is right. they believe they need to keep it running. >> she's a democrat, takedown the sight. she is in the minority voice. >> she is. and also said the president said you could keep your health insurance really only meant until obama care went in affect. they will keep it going. if people don't get insurance they will pay the individual man date. >> there is a host of issues that follow that. republicans are calling for a delay. how do they gain. >> this is tricky for the republicans, they need the president to be stubborn about this while calling for the kelay. they don't win if there is a delay. it will go to the back burner and it needs to go in to affect for the republicans to have leverage. look at the shutdown polls, people blamed republicans. the president's popularity plummets and ted cruz popularity are going up. republicans are b
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. that is the insurance company deciding for business reasons. >> but, doctor, the obama law demands that the insurance companies change their plans. >> let's get to what happens in the individual market. first of all, i want to say the president takes very seriously, and they he said over -- and this he said over when i was working with him. when we pass the law, we said any plan that existed before the date the law was passed would be grandfathered in unless lots of changes were made. we have to imagine obamacare not against a blank slate but against what insurance companies regularly do -- >> i have to ask you, does obamacare mandate that insurance companies change their plans to meet certain standards? >> yes, it brings it up. we grandfathered in all the preexisting plans. if you want to change plans or you want to buy a new car, you have to meet safety standards. that was the rule. >> wait a minute. your grandfathering is so narrow -- >> it is not so narrow. >> let me give an example. if an insurance company change the co-pay by more than $5 over the course of the three years since 2010 it is no l
is something that goes far beyond health insurance. if you google the term obama didn't know you come up with literally dozens of headlines in the last couple weeks covering the irs on conservative groups, covering nsa, all types of issues. he is trying to take himself out of it. it's a crisis of credibility. >> i want to go to rick ungar. you just heard from natalie. you heard from katherine. >> yeah. >> and there are millions of americans -- why do you justify this? >> but here's -- first of all, why do you justify not digging a little further? let me tell you another horror story. wait, wait, wait. we watched a -- >> did i ask him about another horror story? you see natalie? natalie's 29 and helps put 14-year-old kids to sleep. >> i know. how do you mean? i would like to sit down with natalie and get on the exchange. and you know what else, natalie, you didn't mention -- >> because i want it -- >> hold on a second. you know what natalie didn't mention -- >> wait a minute. she doesn't want it. >> you know what natalie didn't mention? you can buy a policy off the exchange. have you chec
is ahead for some americans who already have health insurance on the job. >> jeff: the obama administration is still struggling to fix the new healthcare web site and explain how new insurance programs work. with the vast majority of americans who already receive coverage through their employers are starting to make enrollment choices for next year, and some are seeing big changes. we're joined now by cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger. always good to see you. let's talk about the big companies first. what hangs are we seeing? >>. >> we're seeing higher premiums, not great news. we're also seeing increased costs and out of pocket expenses are going to start creeping in here. so as a result this is going to be a more expensive environment. many companies are starting to introduce something called a high deductible plan. and it's paired with a health savings account. this is kind of the way that people can limit their costs but you really have to be young and healthy to make that work for you. >> jeff: why are they doing these low cost plans, high deductible plans? >> the price of hea
insurance disaster for obama care, on top of the higher cost they built into the premium base. this is not good news. >> i mean, we want to talk about the cost and the enrollment and whether that goes down as enrollment goes up. michael, you don't feel this sense of urgency yet. >> no, no there's no urgency yet. because remember the data is march 1 st. it's not really march 1st. it's march 1st of 2014. we won't know until how the thing is doing until 2015. the fact is right now, i'm actually fairly confident they're going to hit their goals. look at health care stocks up. shouldn't be selling health care insurance stocks yet. obama care is something that will end up working. >> you think they'll hit their target of, what, 7 million by march 1st of next year but the makeup of the people that sign up is going to be very key to what it does to premiums, what it's going to cost people. >> right now we don't know what the makeup is going to be. but this is a little bit like -- you know you look at these early polls. when you have a new product that comes out th
't subsidized by the taxpayer and now i can't even get insurance through this program president obama claimed would be ready. it is dishonest and it will have a huge impact on 2014 but i agree with mitt romney on president obama's second term as a whole. martha: a look at this over the weekend, folks who are supporting this, they look exhausted. they look like they are so tired of having to do this. i know you have been a supporter of the plan. a lot of people were. they held reelect obama. but how do you feel about all of this now, really. >> 97% coverage, 65% of the people love it. but here the politics of this. the only thing working politically is the government shutdown. that is going to cost republicans a lot of races tomorrow especially in virginia, i think people forgot all about the shutdown. what do you think? >> absolutely, the government shutdown is long gone. nobody remembers what happened with the government shutdown. this is all about obamacare of people getting a letter saying you are no longer covered even though barack obama promised to not once, not twice, but two dozen tim
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of the american people is that he went out as a centerpiece of his campaign and as a centerpiece of obama care over the last several years saying time and time again that fundamental to his plan was the right people would have to keep their insurance plan, and he knew that was not the case. he could know it by looking at massachusetts and seeing people there lost insurance. he could have learned those lessons and told the people the truth, but he didn't. he told people they could keep their plan. and, you know, it was nbc news that said, look, some 6 million people are going to lose their insurance. that's not some little number, that's 6 million american people. the comparison to massachusetts, though, really comes down to two major points. a lot of people don't have health insurance because they can't afford it so you have to have subsidies. that's what did you in massachusetts skpch massachusetts. and in order to make sure your risk pool is right, you havavav hav young and healthy people in it so that the people would be taken care of who are older and sicker. that's what you did. but here'
keep their insurance and that was not the truth. and whether you like the model of obama care or not, the fact that the president sold it on a basis that was not true has undermined the foundation of his second term. i think it's rotting it away. and i think the only way he can rebuild credibility is to work with republicans and democrats and try to rebuild a foundation. we've got to have a president. we've got to have a president that can lead, and right now he's not able to do so. >> that's very strong language. you're saying the way he pitched your ability to keep a plan will undermine his entire second term. but how do you know -- >> there's no question. >> assuming they get the site up and working, that's a big assumption at this point, but if that happens, how is it that in the end the same approach that you took in massachusetts with regard to subsidies, with regard to a mandate, why don't you think that could ultimately be successful? >> well, what's going to happen is the people are going to lose insurance. you're going to have millions of individuals lose their health care
into the lengths that the insurers are going to hide obama care benefits from its customers and in some states pressuring them to choose these new plans before the october 1st open enrollment dates. how do you encourage the insurance companies to tap into millions of new customers and recognize this is a good thing if everybody can figure out how it works. >> well, the insurance companies understand that they're tapping into millions of new customers. that's why the mandate was put in, in order to enable them to give -- to insure everybody, including those with pre-existing conditions without increasing people's rates. unfortunately, there are unscrupulous people in insurance companies, not all of them, obviously, but enough of them to be doing what they can to fool people, to get them to sign on to expensive policies they don't need. now that's mostly a matter of state regulations. some states have the ability under law to prohibit it, to fine them, to stop them and kentucky is doing that. other states don't and should get that capability. if we were operating in a normal environment, that is
current plan to obama care. i got a copy of your florida blue insurance. and about $54 a month. now i understand that under obama care it's going to go up at least they said that the policy they would offer you under florida blue would be $591. is that correct? >> that's correct. >> but all that spin hides the truth. a new republic reporter tracked diane down and explained how obama care plans could provide much better coverage and for just $50 to $100 more a month. her response, quote, i would jump at it. with my age things can happen. i don't want to have bills that could make me bankrupt. i don't want to lose my house. i would jump at it. as would millions of americans who don't have insurance or who have insurance so bad it doesn't really cover anything anyway. right wingers are hell bent on sabotaging obama care any way they can. but they can't stop americans from learning how the law works for everyone. joining me now is "washington post" jonathan capehart. thanks for being here tonight. >> hi, rev. >> jonathan, your column today points out the gop hypocrisy on all this. you wri
seen a story quite like this. >> former obama press secretary robert gibbs was asked about the misleading message of you can keep your insurance if you want to and he had to call a spade a spade. >> i don't recall significant discussions around some of the verbiage on this to be 100% honest with you. >> do you agree it was a wrong move? >> certainly. >> one respected d.c. journalist took it a step further, offering a stinging indictment of the obama administration practices that led to this. he wrote, incompetence and deception doomed the launch, as long as the president stick, with the team that failed the country and lied, it is fair to assume that he hasn't learned the most basic lessons from the launch. this weekend, from paint story of "the wall street journal" on saturday and then "washington post" on sunday. it became quite clear, and they didn't even really try to defend it, that politics trumped policy and truth in the rollout of obama care. >> politics trumped -- >> we think alike. >> absolutely. i spent the whole weekend, "washington post," "forbes," -- >> boring
did offer an apology, and she told the committee to hold her accountable for the obama care failure. while insisting that the president did not lie when he repeatedly told americans they could keep their health care insurance if they liked it. but when pressed on whether the president was ultimately responsible for the law's failures, she got visibly agitated, tersely saying, quote, whatever. yes. he is the president. fox news chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel on capitol hill tonight with our report. >> reporter: lou, kathleen sebelius defended the rollout of the president's health care law but said ultimately she is accountable. >> i am as frustrated and angry as anyone with the flawed launch of so let me say directly to these americans, you deserve better. i apologize. >> reporter: chairman fred upton accused sebelius and others of false advertising prior to the launch. >> over the months leading up to october 1 launch, the secretary and her colleagues at hhs repeatedly looked us in the eye and testified that everything was on track. >>
the obama administration and the democratic party appeaplectic, t insurance is scared because of the individual mandate because the result will be to tear up their business model as you know and tear up profits. we're looking at the prospect here, if there isn't careful reasoning and a careful understanding amongst everyone here about a direction to head toward that we're talking about one-sixth of the economy that is now vulnerable because a website, as the president put it, didn't work because obama care itself is built now on what we see as a very, very faulty assumption and presumption because of the mandate that young people are going to sign up for health care that they typically do not need. these risks are very high. where are the republicans headed now, and what is the course you all will follow? >> well, we are going to continue to get to the bottom of this. you know, you pointed out one major issue here, and the cybersecurity issue, as you heard, that we're very concerned about that. you know, there are americans who are managing to get onto the website at this poin
parents' insurance. >> shut up. >> in jennifer hudson's parody, obama care solves everything. >> my company's health care, it doesn't cover mammograms. >> the aca covers presentative care for women's health. >> that's it. >> lady gaga wants you to get covered. the vampire diaries nina dobrov took her top off for obama care. the president is making a pitch on fusion, a network aimed at young latinos. >> if you're between 18-34, about half of the people can get high-quality health care for less than $50 a month. less than your cell phone bill. less than your cable bill. >> so there's one caveat with these $50 policies -- they tend to come with huge deductibles. let's say for example you live in seattle, washington. and you get sick. you would have to spend $5,000 of your own money before your insurance would kick in. so you're covered for a catastrophe, but for routine care, you're pretty much on your own. now if some people aren't going to like that. they're going to say -- you know what? i'll pay the penalty instead. it's relatively small, only $95, or 1% of your income. it's way ch
and the prices keep going down. insurance does not cover the surgery. john: my doctor will not do that. thank you very much. fighting the fight. coming up, president obama got celebrities to tell people go and sign up for coverage. celebrities were eager to help. ♪ you tell us what you want to pay, and we give you a range of coverages to choose from. who is she? that's flobot. she's this new robot we're trying out, mostly for, like, small stuff. wow! look at her go! she's pretty good. she's pretty good. hey, flobot, great job. oops. [ powers down ] uh-oh, flobot is broken. the "name your price" tool, only from progressive. call or click today. ♪ john: samantha much skeptical of government managed health insurance but there is one group of people who tend to be gung-ho for anything obama and that is celebrities. >> if you need help in chanceine of the new health-insurance marketplace john: she recorded that along with a bunch of other celebrities. whether she regrets and not, the point is that this a ministration has been very successful at getting celebrities to endorse his pol
of their health insurance. this is being delivered to us courtesy of obama care and i was the first to fight it. we're hoping people will come to the polls tomorrow to send washington a message about what a failure obama care is. and tomorrow's turned very much into a referendum on obama care in virginia. >> if you were to lose, i know you don't see that as a case, but would it also be a referendum people are okay with obama care? >> i don't know, we're going to have to see how it plays out. certainly, we have come from behind and closed this to within anybody's ball game, in part based upon obama care, while being badly outspent. what people in other states don't see is we're being outspent by tremendous ratios on television, coming from out of state money, whether it's michael bloomberg or unions or planned parenthood, whatever it is, they're putting tons of money to my opponent and we don't have the equivalent and they're lying through their teeth -- >> -- appears tissue division in the republican party, between tea partiys and very -- >> no, no. >> you don't think you were hurt by that? >>
with a sharp critique of the president, for promising americans they'd be able to keep their insurance. >> and whether you like the model of obama care or not, the fact that the president sold it on a basis that was not true has undermined the foundation of his second material. second term. i think it's rotting it away. >> i want to bring in abc news political director rick klein now. no one wants to relive that campaign of a year ago, but romney went further, saying the president wasn't telling the truth. the irony, the president was just in boston, wasn't he, thinking this would be welcoming territory for this health care plan. >> that's right. that's what makes this a biting critique. it is that context. just a few days ago, president obama went to romney's home state, the very place romney signed his own health care law, to argue that governor romney's plan worked. but romney's making clear, he will not let romney care be used to bail out obama care, whether or not he was the inspiration for it. >> flashbacks. making me sweat all over again. rick klein tonight, thank you. >>> overs
, and that is that he told people they could keep their insurance and that was not the truth. and whether you like the model of obama care or not, the fact that the president sold it on a basis that was not true has undermined the foundation of his second term. i think it's rotting it away. >> that guy still has a collar. they're keeping up a vigilant effort to remind people, many private plans held by just 5% of americans were roan rotten to begin with. >> a majority of those folks will get better coverage at the same or oh less cost than they have today. and, you know, that's important. that is, you know, delivering on one of the promises of the affordable care act. >> the white house meanwhile is facing a new headache. over a memo published in the "washington post" showing that an outside adviser warned of major structural and personnel problems with the rollout back in may of 2010. harvard professor david cutler told the president's top economic advisers, quote, i do not believe the relevant members of the administration understand the president's vision or have the capability to carry it out.
blame president obama, he's not responsible for that. stuart: you've got to blame the private insurers not just emanuel saying that. here is the white house advisor trying to explain why millions will lose their current health plans. >> if you have a plan before obamacare, you can keep that. if your plan is downgraded or cancelled, you can't. stuart: pure spin. plans are canceled by the million because obamacare makes them illegal. fox news reporting that 3.7 million people have lost coverage so far. in the next hour, by the way, congressman fred upton will join us and we'll bring you a story of one cancer patient who is happy with their insurance, kept for years and she can't keep it or her doctor. that's 10:00 this morning. don't worry, we're firmly focused on your money. we'll take you to wall street to see, just watch your money grow this monday morning, yes, there's going to be a rally and stocks are going up again, except for blackberry, it's tanking and the reason for that. it's a big week, sebelius hearings, the jobs report, we've got it all, but first, here is this. is footbal
with president obama visiting volunteers in dallas who are trying to sign up people for health insurance. susan mcginnis has the latest. >> reporter: president obama hits the road this week to build public support for the affordable care act. sunday a senior white house aide insisted the president was told the website would work on day one but says that's no excuse. >> the website failures are absolutely inexcusable and we own that. >> reporter: the website repeatedly crashed in the first month and was down for repairs this weekend. a new poll shows 48% of americans surveyed believe the government has done a poor job of implementing the healthcare law. >> the president's poll numbers, getting this website working so millions of americans have access. >> reporter: the white house says the site will be fixed by the end of the month. republicans are skeptical. >> they're trying to change a tire on a car going 75 miles per hour down the expressway. >> reporter: even some democrats want taken down for repairs. >> i said this directly to the president's chief of staff. t
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the administration's own very serious mistakes. as rovner reported, obama's people naively figured republican states couldn't resist all that cash coming down from the federal government and would decide to create their own insurance exchanges and expand their medicaid programs. not so. republicans, it seems, have their principles, and health care for poor people is not one of them. ideology trumped money. republicans aside, obama care had its own built-in problem, born of original sin. and some of us have to resist the temptation to say, "we told you so"! four years ago we said the public option in health care, a kind of medicare for all, would be easier to launch and simpler to operate than the rube goldberg contraption that came to be known as obama care. rube goldberg, for those of you under a certain age, was the fellow who designed machines that made simple tasks much more complicated. back in 2009, when obama first became president, polls showed the public option was a popular idea. lots of americans were fed up with paying bloated premiums to giant insurance companies that charged us for the
over the weekend, quote, mr. obama clearly misspoke when he said that. by law, insurers cannot continue to sell policies that don't provide the minimum benefits and consumer protections required as of next year. they've sent cancellation notices to hundreds of thousands of people who hold the sub standard policies. let's talk about covering the coverage here with alan colmes, host of the alan colmes show and author of thank the liberals for saving america. we have the writer for the american conservative may go zone, both are fox news contributors. so what do you think about what the times had to say, jim? >> well, i thought it was very striking that the times has made this heroic effort on behalf of the obama administration to shift the subject. i think the last month has been the biggest -- well, don't take my word for it. bob schieffer said that the biggest flop he'd ever seen in all his four decades in washington. there's your baseline. that was october. now we're into november and the times are saying, look. you didn't want that insurance policy. the president misspoke. we make it
and get less costly insurance and they can compete. right now it is selling insurance in georgia and south carolina and everybody is competing and prices are getting better. >> let me ask you. yes or no. in five years, will obama care have made health care better or worse. >> i honestly don't know. i would say no change. >> doctor, dr. boon is the only one that read the bill. and based on what i know it will make it worse. one thing i want to preserve. i love my patients and be a doctor. you have to maintain the doctor/patient relationship and i am not sure the bill will allow that. >> i read the bill and it took me 19 hours and it will crash the system and be the worst nightmare. and i feel like i love mi family and patients, i came here because i want to cope my patients. >> your patients are fortunate to have you. it breaks my heart that doctors are leaving the profession after all of the training and commitment and dedication not because of not loving medicine and patients, but because they can't make the business end of it work. if you think your doctor is getting rich you are wrong.
" says he simply misspoke. look at that. i just misspoke. they said mr. obama misspoke when he said by law insurers cannot continue to sell policies that don't provide the minimum benefits and consumer protections required. this overblown controversy has obscured the crux of what health care reform is trying to do. people are getting thrown off their health care plans because the affordable care act has standards which if your plan doesn't have they have to go out of business. it has to have pediatric care, maternity, prescription drugs. if it doesn't, you are canceled. >> you look at the title of that editorial in "the new york times," "not worth keeping." not only is the administration with those restrictions deciding what policies are right for you, but apparently this opinion article here in the editorial section, they're deciding too that they're not worth keeping. >> i almost think that's the comic section of news now, the editorial. it's basically a 30-second promo for whatever democratic plan president obama put forward. it never used to be like this with bill clinton. they
to sell insurance across state lines. they can compete. right now it's selling insurance in georgia, south carolina, if everybody is competing i think the prices get better. >> let me ask each of you because our time is about done. in five years will obama care have made health care in this country better or worse? >> i don't know, i would say no change. >> dr. boone is the only one that i have met that has red the bill, but based on what i know, i think it will make it worse. i love being a doctor. i love my patients, you have to be able to maintain your doctor/patient relationship. >> i red the whole bill, it took me 19 hours, and it's going to crash the system. i'm absolutely certain of it and i love my patients and i left my family to come here to new york today because i want to keep my patients. >> i hope you get to your patients are fortunate. it breaks my heart that doctors are leaving the proinformation after all of the training. not because they don't love their patients, but they can't make the business end of it work. if you think a doctor is getting rich, he's not. but i want
. on the national level, obama care has had some communication issues. make the connection there. what -- how do you view that? >> obviously, we've got a much smaller population to deal with. and we've got one set of insurance laws. the federal exchange ended up having to deal with i think 36 different sets of insurance laws, and of course, 40 to 50 million people. having said that, i think if they went back to do it over again, which they're doing now, you know, they'll make it much simpler. i think the biggest issue that they ended up messing up on was requiring everybody to create an account before they could go browse and actually find out the information. and that created a real logjam in the system. so they'll get this fixed. there's no question in my mind that they'll have it fixed. and over the course of the next year or two, you're going to have a very big success for affordable health coverage in this whole country. >> you have been a believer in this delivery system since the day the law passed. and the supreme court ruling, when that came out, one i understand your state kicked into high
keep their insurance and that wasn't the truth. whether you like the model of obama care or not the fact the president sold it under a model is not true the. the only way he can rebuild credibility is work with republicans and democrats and rebuild a foundation. we got to have a president that can lead. right now he's not able to do so. >> as for the website government officials say will go off line temporarily on a daily basis to fix its ongoing issues. >> robert gibbses i want to go back to something that was said before in the "the washington post." it's stunning that you have the biggest start up ever run by somebody that had never run a start up before or had business experience before. i mean, looking back, people are scratching their heads for years how did they make these mistakes. how did mistakes like this happen inside the west wing? >> i think that's a fairly devastating story because it is clear -- i think there's one line in there that said no one person had purview over the entire project. look, i worked very closely with a woman that's men
the obama white house knowing it would hurt joe biden. >>> when we come back, all those stories about all those people losing their health insurance. are the media oversimplifying the issues? >>> and later, we'll sit down with barbara walters and find out what she . >>> interesting piece in politico saying despite the obama care screw-ups, there has been a calculated sabotage of republicans by every step. is someone in media trying to shift blame away from the white house on this? >> yeah. but it's because the media always says, we'll tell you both sides of the story, but they don't say, wait a second, this is being totally distorted. hold on a second. stop and think about how much energy and push the republican res putting in to try to stop this. think about the 30 governs who have set up exchanges. they've got groups of people going town to town like obama care is terrible. every republican hates obama care. >> that's not in dispute. but in terms of how we cover this business and they have to find new plans, shouldn't we include the fact that some people might end one a better deal? >>
the image of the affordable care act. this week president obama will visit volunteers in dallas who are trying to sign up people for the health insurance. the website repeatedly crashed into the first month and was even down for repairs this weekend. republicans are increasing calls now to delay change or end the health care reform plan. >> they are trying to change a tire on a car going 75 miles per hour down the expressway. >> the white house says by the middle of the month it will release numbers showing how many people signed up for health coverage during the first month of the enrollment period. officials say the numbers will be lower than what they had hoped for. >>> president obama is returning to the bay area at the end of this month. he is scheduled to appear november 25th at the san francisco jazz center. it's a fundraiser for two committees to help democratic candidates in house and senate races. it will be the president's first fundraising spring since june. >>> a san francisco park is about to get a major makeover. construction is set to begin at dolores
million people who are being notified that their private insurance policies will be cancelled at the end of the year because those policies do not comply with the law. they're getting their notices right now. so president obama has promised repeatedly, that if you like your plan, you can keep your plan. so what happens to all those people now that they realize they actually can't keep their plan? >> there's about 900,000 people who are going to get -- 600,000, before today, they would have been locked into their health plan, now they can pick between different health plans and every health plan that they pick is going to have benefits they can rely on. you may have insurance that you might not really be covered when you need it. >> are the new plans on the exchanges really comparable? the law mandates certain minimums that people have to buy whether they need them or not. a man being forced to take on prenatal care. >> let's be clear, a woman has to pay for the men to get their prostate cancer fixed. lets be clear, we're not putting together an insurance system where you only pay for the
of the policies were substandard and the law's aim was to remove the standard policies and the obama administration did write regulations talking about grandfathering. grandfathering means if you have a plan that didn't meet all the standards you could keep it if the insurers decided they would keep it so long as it was purchased before march, 2010. and the rules that they wrote said purchased before march, 2010, which is when the law was enacted. but no substantial changes have been made. and the rules defining the substantial change hour actually fairly minor. so if you need a 5-dollar change in your co-payment for example or if your insurer increased your deductible by about 15% or more. they keep the premium down that would take you out of this sort of grand father status until the plan would be more likely. >> host: what about the point having to pay for things like maternity coverage as a healthy young man? why was it written into the rules that he can't find a plan without those things? >> guest: i'm getting a lot of questions of things like that why do i have to pay for mater
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